Towards the end of the semester

Busy with the final projects. The takeaway from this semester is never picking two 395T courses at the same time. Sorry.

— Update: 01/03/18 —

Last semester ends up amazingly well. Every time I read this post, I always picture Prof. Dana Ballard’s pull-up gesture in my mind and how he compares the difficulty of coursework with the workout in a gym: you always want to lift a heavier weight to gain muscles. For an unknown reason, his voice and pull-up gesture always amuse me.



I’ve been away from WordPress for almost 3 years! I just took a chance to see my first and last post, and all the memories jumped back. The post is an announcement for a mathematical lecture event when I was working as a web administrator for Mathematical club back to the college. Now as I has embarked on a new journey as a software developer at IBM, I think it might be a good starting point to reborn my blog practice. I plan to blog about tips that I acquire during my day-to-day work, and some other randomized stuff from my daily life. So, let’s get started!

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