A closing speech for tomorrow’s Toastmasters’ gathering

Ladies and gentlemen, we just had a wonderful speech sharing from our guest speakers. Let’s give them a round of applause. I want to give a quick speech as a closure to this wonderful night.

As everyone can see, Anne performs extremely well tonight both as a toastmaster member but also as a host. She joined our club for almost a year now and there are no words can describe how much she has grown to what she is right now. Watching her tonight’s great performance, I actually start to look at myself to reflect the life journey I have so far.

I want to tell you guys that I’m never an extrovert guy. Back in the college, I’m more comfortable with paper, pencil, and keyboard than talking with people, especially with the girls. That’s part of the reason why I become triple major in computer science, economics, and mathematics. I make myself super busy so that I don’t have free time to be social. College career is a little bit rough for me. I never think I will fail a course someday. The course I fail called Modern Algebra. There are only three questions during the final exam and I can answer part of first question. When I spend most of the time making doodles on the exam paper, I know something terrible is  going to happen. But, when this guts feeling actually becomes the truth, I break down. I lock myself inside the apartment and keep questioning myself how this can possibly happen. Then, one day, I watch a Japanese drama called Dragon Zakura, in Chinese, 龙樱. This show talks about a bunch of least talented students fight their way to the University of Tokyo, the most prestigious university in Japan. This show echoes something in my heart. “I’m not the guy who allow himself to be defeated without putting out a good fight.” I always believe myself in the deep deep down of my heart but sometimes this fact just got covered by the mist. “Let’s do this again!” I tell myself. The following semester, I take the same course with the same instructor once again. You know what, I nail it. I got straight A in that course and that’s the moment I confirm with myself one more time: “I never allow myself to be defeated without putting out a good fight. In fact, when I do put out a fight, nothing can defeat me.” Julius Caesar has a famous quote “I came, I saw, I conquered”. Only the difficulties can make us stronger.

When I come back to China and join IBM as a software engineer, I quickly realize that technical leadership is one side of the coin. How to communicate with people is the other side. Once I realize this, Caesar’s quote once again haunting in my mind, “I came, I saw, I conquered”. I see the problem I need to solve, and the rest is that I directly face it and I know eventually I will conquer it. Lucky enough, I know Toastmaster right about time. I join the club immediately and six months later, I become the president of the club. Onto the stage is a very tough step, but once you do that, and actually keep doing it, I guarantee you that you’re gonna love it. That’s why people love to do workout or running because they know that for every extra pound they lift or every extra mile they run, they are going to be stronger than they could ever possibly imagined.

So join us right now and begin the journey to perfect yourself. You’re gonna suffer for sure but that’s the place where the healing process start. Once you power through, there’s going be to a whole new world awaiting you to see.

Thank you guys. Have a wonderful night!